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Dedicated to providing high-end manufacturing enterprises with high-purity process system solutions covering the whole system design, manufacturing, installation, debugging and system hosting services, the business covers semiconductor, microelectronics, biomedicine, photovoltaic, optical fiber, LED and other fields.

High Purity Electronic Special Materials

Yongzhen provides electronic high purity special gases to high-tech industries such as large-scale integrated circuits, flat panel display, solar photovoltaic, semiconductor lighting and optical fiber communications.

High Purity Process Material System

Yongzhen is equipped with ultra-high purity water, gas and chemical distribution system, vacuum and tail gas treatment system, life safety monitoring system and clean process material system for customers of semiconductor industry and biopharmaceutical industry. Including and not limited to bulk gas supply system, special gas supply system, purifier system, gas supply pipeline system and secondary distribution engineering, process material preparation system, etc.

Water Treatment and Emission Reduction Cyclic Processing System

Yongzhen provides one-stop professional technology and supporting service programs, integrating design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation, training and after-sales process. Provide customers with pure water and ultra-pure water complete system solutions to ensure high quality, high energy saving, low cost, low consumption, in line with international standards.
Core business